Kinnaur is one of the smallest districts in India by population. It is famous for the Kinnaur Kailash, a mountain sacred to Hindus, close to the Tibetan border. It is considered to be the abode of Lord Shiva, can be seen.

It is known for its serenity and beauty of the lush green and rocky mountainscape having Satluj, Baspa and Spiti river snaking through it.

Places To Visit

  1.  Sangla Valley
  2. Chitkul
  3. Reckong Peo
  4. Kalpa
  5. Sarahan
  6. Nako
  7. Riba is at a distance of 18 km from Powari and is known for its vineyards and local wine “Angoori” made from grapes.
  8. Kothi has a temple dedicated to the Goddess Chandika Devi.

Things To Do

  1. Parikarma of Kinnaur Kailash’ is the famous trekking route of Kinnaur. Bhaba Valley and Sangla Valley treks are popular trails.
  2. Apart from religion, Kinnaur also has a large scope in adventure sports like trekking and skiing.
  3. Kinnaur is well known for its delicious apples, Chilgoza, handlooms and handicrafts materials. 
  4. Journey to Kinnaur via roadways can be really a mesmerizing affair worth remembering, as there are multiple places, which have conquered the imagination of known writers and poets.
  5. Kinnaur facilitates multiple adventure activities. In Sangla Valley, tourist can enjoy adventurous Activities like Rock Climbing, Rappelling, Nature Trails, bird watching and River Crossing.

Best Time To Visit

 It is very cold during the winters here but the summers are pleasant. Being a dry zone, there is no monsoon here. Therefore, the ideal time to visit Kinnaur is from May to October.


Other Information

  1. LOCATION : Kinnaur
  2. AREA (KM sqr) : 6401
  3. POPULATION : 84298
  4. LANGUAGE SPOKEN : Hindi & Kinnauri
  7. RELIGION :Hinduism, Budhism & Muslim